As people age, the eyes slowly degrade, including the retina deep inside each eye. The retina can also be damaged through blunt trauma to the eyeball, such as from flying debris. The retina is responsible for reflecting incoming light onto the retina to form an image in people’s minds. If the retina is damaged in any way, vision is immediately hindered and warped. Implanting a retinal prosthesis can often be performed through cataract surgery to replace the old retina with a synthetic substitute.

What It Looks Like to get an implant
A retina implant, or intraocular retina, is a small, transparent disc with tiny threads emanating out from the edges. Doctors must attach the retina to your eye so it operates just like your natural retina. The attachment threads allow the retina to flex and move naturally. After recovery, patients should not notice any physical difference to their eye’s movement.

Scheduling Surgery
Only one eye can be operated on at a time. Patients only have one eye for a week or more after the surgery. Schedule the surgery with plenty of time within the next month to recover comfortably at home. The body needs time to heal.

The Surgery
Patients are awake during the retinal implantation, but a local anesthetic keeps the pain at bay. After dilating the pupil with medicine, doctors cut a small access hole into the eye to place key instruments. They use a small vibrating tool within the incision to effectively shatter the old retina within the eye.
Doctors place a tiny vacuum instrument into the eye to gently remove the retina fragments. This removal strategy reduces the need to cut a large incision in the eye, effectively decreasing recovery time. Doctors fold the retina implant, move it into the eye and position it for permanent implantation. The threads are quickly attached to the eye and doctors close the incision.

Recovery process
Implanting a retinal prosthesis is a unique addition to the body. Unlike a pacemaker that requires some maintenance, retina implants are essentially part of your body without any care involved after the surgery. Patients must wear an eye patch to protect the eye as it heals. After a week, the eye should focus clearly with little swelling. The doctor often calls for several visits after the surgery to watch for any possible infection.

A retina implantation surgery makes the world come alive with clear vision. If a patient suffers from poor vision for many years, a clear view is an ultimate gift. Because the surgery is relatively simple, patients are not required to stay in a hospital. It is strictly an out-patient procedure that can be finished in one or two hours’ time. Consult an eye care doctor near you so that you can find the best solution for declining vision. By doing this you will be able to have a clear vision again and be able to enjoy the rest of your life. Try to get a retina implant now and you will never regret.

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